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about Ensim WEBppliance™ Pro

Ensim Webppliance™ Pro, a big player in the web hosting control panel market, provides you with a solid set of professional hosting features.
It also allows you to quickly and easily install common web site applications referred to as Power-Tools.

 Starting Out

    After a secure login all Ensim
    WEBppliance™ Pro features are at
    your disposal.

 User and Email Management

    Here you can setup your email addresses.

    Check and send your emails with an email
    program at home or use a web based
    solution called Squirrelmail.


    Manage your databases on this page,
    then edit your data tables with
    the popular MySQL administration tool
    called phpMyAdmin.


    Included with all our Ensim WEBppliance™
    Pro plans is a collection of software
    packages referred to as Power-Tools.
    Installation of all applications is easy, quick
    and FREE.


    Information on how your website is doing
    and how much traffic it is using is provided
    by two popular website analysis programs:
    Webalizer and Analog.

 Ensim WEBppliance™ Pro 

 Ensim Power Tools 

 cPanel X 

 cPanel Fantastico De Luxe 


 Secure Certificates (SSL) 

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Free add-on
All our Ensim WEBppliance™ Pro accounts come with Ensim Power-Tools, a set of software packages which you can install easily any time.

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